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Good ways to standout compared to other guys!

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here are some ways you can visually stand out.

wear a strange necklace (wear an extra $1 one to give to a girl to wear
until you meet again)
wear a cool interesting ring (or more than one)
wear a shiny shirt (open collar is sexual)
if you have long hair, leave it down (never parted in the center) or tied up
in a special way (not just a boring pony tail)
consider a wacked out hair-do - even color.
wear make up if you are so boring looking that you get nothing
spray sparkles in your hair
put on really strong fragrance (elevator clearing)
wear a pentacle

any others?  granted certain ones are for peacocking in a club while others
in the office.  whatever is your field, suggest ANYTHING that may assist the
boring jeans wearing afcs to stand out.

any more?