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Subject: Social Proof Report! A screambabe sequel!
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 13:50:12 GMT

Social Proof Report! A screambabe sequel!

This report is a sequel to the Screambabe-HBgeek chance meeting
story I posted last week. It is turning out to be a stunning
example in social proof.

Essentially, I was in a bar with HBGeek, doing the ManiacPlan
on her (see my website). I was at stage 'S' (heavy kino, the
sexual question game) when Screambabe (a chick I am already
shagging who happened to be in the bar watching me without me
knowing, came by to interrupt us and cause shit.. see the
report for the details).

First what I did was to contain the 'reaction' after this happened
so that my chance with HBGeek (or any other chick) wouldnt get
ruined by Screambabe spreading bad things about me around, or
stalking my house or something like that.

So I (rightfully so) blamed the whole incident on her, and
immediately sent her two notes, one of them below. What happened
after, was fascinating.. First here is the note I sent her:



I got your calls. I am still really upset about
how you behaved last week (basically going nuts
because you saw me talking to a girl, and thinking
like you own me..)

Just I dont know what to say, but I expect(ed)
better than that. If something upset you, you should
have stayed quiet (or at least respectful about it
if you wanted to come over to me, which is fine too),
and then talk about it later on the phone or something
if you wanted to talk about it..

.. but what you did was ENTIRELY out of line and

I just dont know more what to say about it than



[My other note was along the same lines, but much more
severe, and in more detail, if I find a copy of it, I
will post it too]

After blaming her for everything, and drilling it in,
Screambabe then replies:

---SCREAMBABE REPLIES (sorry about her fucked up English)

Thank you very much for your sincere mail.
I have been thinking of you and what I did so far.
I read your mail and now understand your feeling very well.

Yes, it was too soon, and of course you feel it is too much.

 As I told you, I am looking a person who might be my special person
in the future as well as just nice friends.
I think I started to think of you too seriously too soon just becausewe
had some relationship.

But I thought it over and over and now I think that I  should
have noticed that men are different from women (including the way of thinking
about such relationship).I am very sorry, Maniac.

I really enjoyed being with you and I could spend wonderful time withyou
though it was only twice.

After this incident happend, I really regreted what I did to you.
If you think OK that we can be just good friends, I would be very happy.
Thank you for your warm words on the phone. ....I am sorry that Icalled
you very late.I appreciate for this.This is my feeling.

I would be happy if you accept my feeling.and many many apologies to



So, now at least she wont be attacking me out in public anymore.. Now
there is more.. I did one fuckup, which actually, turned out in my benefit.
She asked me if I worked in xxx firm. I (figuring she already somehow knew I
did through friends or something) said I did. Turns out she did have a
friend there.

Now apparently, (I find out from bichick from that 'friday experiment in
psychology" (see post on ASF 0011 period) that a lady (which I concluded
was Screambabe) called her friend at my office there to find out about
Of course, since I dont fuck around in the office, but flirt alot, all
the women there love me, think I rock totally. Her friend told other co-
workers about the incident.

But because I had already neutralized Screambabe, she didn't say bad
shit about me like I was two timing her or something, but rather she said
something like...

["I really like this guy, Maniac. He is so wonderful, and can
understand me
so well. But I worry that another girl (she is referring to HB Geek
now, who is better looking than screambabe, and younger too), is trying to take
is heart from me. But Maniac really knows how to treat a lady, and I just
dont know what to do, I really want him so bad..."   etc..etc.]

Well, of course this got around the office at speeds faster than light,
and guess what. Since two days ago, EVERY chick in the office is dying to
get me out and find out what makes me so great that I can get a chick into
such a stupor over me like this. They stop by my office, make sweet
talk, and ask me when I am free.. and the babes.. the 9s, the 10s.. the ones
who wouldnt even turn their head before, without alot of effort on my
part.. Chicks wink, and smile, and get giddy asking me for lunch, for
a beer outside after the office..etc.etc.. like this for a week now...

Bichick told me the whole office now knows the story about Screambabe
calling, and dying to have me again.. and told me that this has now
turned on all the chicks around me who have heard about it as to
"what ever it is that is so special about Maniac, I want it too!"

And that.. is social proof. Its power and strength has surprised even
me.. now I just need to figure out how to use it in 'safe' settings
(ie. outside the office, as I dont dare fuck anyone there, but it made
for a good experiment in social proof anyways).

Constructive comments and opinions welcome,

Maniac High