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Comments by cramias about the screambabe lay!

From: Chris 
Subject: Re: Lay Report! Screambabe gets a french kiss, and then shouts all night!
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 16:28:48 GMT

Another excellent report Maniac.  I wanted to comment on one thing below

> Another thing that was different, is I decided to talk less about
> relationships
> (not necc. for fucking her I figure), and more about fullfillment (ie.
> get
> it into the here and now.. ie. within the next 2 hours)

> -are you adventurous (her: yes)
> -do you follow your passions, or do you let them slip by through your
>  fingers? (her: follow them)

These two questions I think are key to why you laid this chick.  Ross
has been hammering on setting a context for her that makes it easier
for a woman to respond to you (they're saying he talked about it at the
Chicago seminar, but I didn't go so I can't say).  If you can get the
girl to declare that she is adventurous and the type of person who
takes iniative, then she has to act consistent with that image of
herself that she has presented.  And later on in the report when your
trying to lay her, you keep saying "well, your the adventurous type,
right?"  She can't be inconsistent with the image she presented now, so
she goes ahead and fucks you.  You can do this in other ways too.  What
if during the course of your evening you kept asking her, "Are you
enjoying this?" "Are you having a good time?"  (in a non-supplicating
way).  This builds that yes-set.

great post