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Meet, Talk, Lay! Maniac lays screambabe!

Date Posted: 2000/11/06 10:35:04 AM EST
Subject: Lay Report! Screambabe gets a french kiss, and then shouts all night!

Lay Report! Screambabe gets a french kiss, and then shouts all night!

Screambabe (she was a yeller during sex), was a chick (around 7 or so)
I met tonight for the first time, performed the 'new strategy' routine
I posted on ASF a couple days ago, and could lay her in about 2 hours
after meeting her (without any alcohol effect).

I took her to a quiet bar where I can sit next to her (she drank tea)
followed my routine exactly, with lots of kino (easy since I am next
to her), and good eye contact.

The one thing I did different is I performed "the cube" as one of the
questions in Craigs question game. She then showed me another game which
is also really good ("The Wall and the Forest"), I will put it in the
post, but also will be adding it to my routine as well. I realized the
games really put chicks into trance. You could almost go straight into
a hypnotic induction right there if you wanted as the mood was exactly
right (too bad Maniac doesn't know how to do hypnosis).

Another thing that was different, is I decided to talk less about
(not necc. for fucking her I figure), and more about fullfillment (ie.
it into the here and now.. ie. within the next 2 hours)

After the whole routine was finished, I made sure to plant the following
questions during the question game as the setup to the lay:, also I
her chin lightly as I smile and asked these questions (among others
in the list I posted)

-did you ever 1st kiss a guy on the first date (her: yes..once)
-are you ashamed of it (her: no, I can kiss in most places)
-are you adventurous (her: yes)
-do you follow your passions, or do you let them slip by through your
 fingers? (her: follow them)
-how soon after meeting someone did you start a relationship/fuck them
 (her: 1 month)
-I told her story about how guy must pay attention to the girl at all
 levels, both emotionally and physically. I also performed the rocks-
 story and how rocks were important for girls, and gold for guys.
-she asked me about my ex gfs, and I told her that my first gf dumped
me right away because I was aweful at sex, so I studied alot after that,
and made sure to pay attention to the woman during sex. Then I said that
you can tell when you dance with a woman (even if she is not
how she will be during sex, by seeing how well she follows you during
This was good and got the conversation very sexual at the end.
-I asked her if good physical interaction was important like emotional
 interaction, and she said yes.

It is 9pm and I want to get her to fuck now. We are in Shibuya at the
Kirin City "Beer Communication Space" Bar (love jap-lish names!), near
love hotels, so the goal is to get her into a nearby fuck/love hotel and
nail her.

I ask as the closing questions,
-you like me? [this is a leader, I knew she'd say yes] (her: yes)
-you adventurous? [also a leader, since I asked her at the start of the
 chat before things got sexual talking] (her: yes)
-then show me and kiss me now (her: resistance "here! too many people!")
Maniac: that's not adventurous, you are lying to me (said with a smile,
I remove all kino, turn my back and look the other way in my chair &
Maniac: then I turn back to her and say "that was terrible and not
at all, now try again, start with my cheek (I get a cheek kiss)
Maniac: well that is a start, but I hope you can do better than that..
 (now I go for a lips one, and get a short one)
Maniac: well, that is better, it looks like you are capable.. now lets
 it again and do it correctly (also said with a smile).. now I get a
 french kiss
Maniac: well that is much better, now I can see you are the adventurous
Maniac & Screambabe (we kiss some more).
Maniac: We should go..
Maniac & screambabe head for the door

At the door:
maniac: got a few minutes? lets walk a little bit as I want to find a
more dark place to kiss you more (her: laughs, slight resistance, but I
got her hand and pull her along).

We get 1 block to love hotel area, she exclaims "I am not going to hotel
Maniac: ok,we are just going the other way (to houses nearby).. I take
the other way 40M, find a builing entrance, and kiss/feel her up. no

After 5 minutes of kissing and tit feeling and Screambabe going nuts:
Maniac: you like me?
Screambabe: yes (said like a chick dying to cum)
Maniac: lets go somewhere private we can kiss more..
Screambabe: Not tonight
Maniac: 5 more minutes of kissing, neck sucking and tit feeling
Maniac: lets go, just kissing, in private
Screambabe: 'not tonight' but softer this time
Maniac: [I take her hand and walk towards the hotels]
Screambabe: 'next time'
Maniac: [start kissing her right at the intersection, she is
embarrased: "lets
         go to a darker place"]
Maniac: [takes her up the street of hotels]
Screambabe: not tonight
Maniac [5 more minutes of deep kissing, neck sucking, leg in her
crotch, chick
        going nuts and about to cum on the street]
Maniac: move her to outside wall of hotel, right near the entrance
Maniac: That feels good doesn't it.. [more sucking and kissing], you can
        imagine what it would be like to feel me more directly [more
        and kissing & leg crotch, chick panting and shaking]]
Maniac: you want me, you want to feel good dont you [more sucking and
        & leg crotch], you can feel that, and it just makes you want
more [her:
        yes...yes...yes, more panting]
Maniac: I do not respect a woman who has a chance, and lets it slip by,
        do I respect a woman who is to weak to follow her desires, her
        emotions and her passion.. but I do respect a woman who siezes
       chance when it is in front of her.. now you want me..dont you?
Screambabe: yes (and panting)
Maniac: then you must take that chance
Screambabe: not tonight (struggling with the panting)
Maniac: more kissing and sucking
Maniac: we are going [take her hand, she follows with only a little

now in hotel lobby:
[some other couple is paying, holding us up so I cant get the room right
away...I almost lose it because of  this, she loses state and says lets
leave (I cant kiss her more, because the other people right next to us,
she is so embarrased to kiss).. I hold her hand and stare her down with
an eyefuck, then the other couple leaves and I ignore her and tell the
guy I want the room.

We get the key and go up. The room is fucking hot, but that is ok, I
passion kiss her more, and put her on the bed, raise her top, and
suck her titties, no response (not from tits anyways), go for more neck
and leg in crotch and she goes nuts. I do this for 10 minutes, while
the top.

I unbutton the jeans, she stop me (just kissing today, no sex..but only
light resistance). I suck her neck more, reach my hand in her crotch and
finger her till she goes nuts and starts screaming..

I pull off her pants (no resistance now). Finger her more, suck her neck
and make her shout and go fucking crazy.

I pull off the panties(no resistance), put on the condom, (supplied with
the hotel) and fuck her (no resistance).

She screams and shakes and goes nuts..

I give her a massage, then I fuck her again.

She says I am awesome and the best fuck she ever had (I know! ;-)

I remark how we feel so comfortable, and how it is strange that although
we only met tonight, it is like we knew each other for years, isnt it..
She agrees..

She gives me a massage, then I finger her again till she begs for mercy,
then we rest, get dressed and go back to the station and say goodnight.


Thoughts on this..

I de-stressed the long term relationship stuff this time, and could get
to the question game and mindfuck games quicker, and to the sexy stuff.
I didn't let resistance stop me, I was very persistant (but on the other
hand, her resistance wasnt strong with an angry look, but more medium
an embarrased look, which is OK).. I didn't take no for an answer,
if she didnt like it, she can always leave, or show an angry look, then
would stop.

Being persistant got me the lay. She must have said no to me like 20
fucking times before I finally did fuck her. But they were the 'yes but
go slow' kind of no's, not real kind (still smiling/giggling, while
no, not an angry or scared look at all).

This is the 2nd lay in 9 days that I got within 4 hours of starting my
script and running it to the end.. With the exceptions of the failures
in that other post yesterday, it seems to work..

Comments, opinions welcome.!

Maniac High

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